Model of Consecration: The People of Gondor

Meditation of the Day

After the ending of the Third Age of the world into the new age [the City] preserved the memory and the glory of the years that were gone. (Bk6 Ch5)

The citadel of the saints is not merely passive in its acceptance of the rule of Elessar and Arwen; nor does it show only momentary enthusiasm at the renewal of the kingship of Men. The inhabitants of Minas Anor, and the people of Gondor in general, show themselves to be faithful to their vocation as heirs of the greatness of Númenor, as both recipients and transmitters of the immense treasures of wisdom and beauty passed down from ancient times among the races of Elves and Men. In Christian terms, we would say that the people are faithful to their baptismal vocation, which includes adhering to the totality of divine Revelation, and faithfully transmitting the treasures of the Church’s Tradition to future generations. As people of God, we are bearers of a sacred trust. Tradition is a living, breathing reality, much like the “trees and fountains” that adorn the renewed capital of the South-kingdom. As Faramir insightfully explained to Frodo, it is when the kings of old “made tombs more splendid than houses of the living, and counted old names in the rolls of their descent dearer than the names of sons” that they doomed themselves to extinction.

During our time of preparation for total consecration to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we have surveyed some of the treasures of the Church’s doctrinal, spiritual, liturgical, and musical heritage pertaining to the Blessed Virgin Mary. May we continue to explore the riches of this tradition, and commit ourselves to passing it on to others, especially the younger generations, as well as profiting from it ourselves. In the Kingdom of God, riches multiply when they are given away. It is we who must make Mary better known and loved, so that her Son may be better known, loved, and adored, to the glory of God the Father.


Of Your Love, O Mary

O blessed Virgin,
did anyone ever invoke you in need
and yet fail to receive help?
Only such a person could remain silent
about your mercy.
As for us, who are your poor servants,
we congratulate ourselves for you
on account of all your other virtues,
but we rejoice in your mercy
in a special way for ourselves.
We praise your virginity,
and we admire your humility;
but your mercy has an even sweeter taste for us sinners.
We have a preferential love for your mercy,
we remember it more often,
and we invoke it more frequently …
Who then could measure,
O blessed Lady,
the length and breadth, height and depth
of your mercy?
Its length extends indeed until the last day,
so that you may come to the aid
of all who invoke it.
Its breadth spans the whole world,
so that the whole earth is full of your mercy.
Its height is such that it brought about
the restoration of the heavenly city.
Its depth achieved the redemption of those
who sat in darkness and the shadow of death.
Thanks to you,
heaven has been populated,
hell has been emptied,
the ruins of the heavenly Jerusalem have been rebuilt,
and the unfortunate people living in hope
have been given back the life they had lost!
Thus it is that your charity,
so powerful and at the same time so gentle,
pours forth in abundance,
manifesting itself tenderly
and lending assistance effectively. Amen.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Musical Selection

Action Points

  • In preparation for making the act of total consecration to Jesus through Mary, it is highly recommended—if possible—to go to confession and receive sacramental absolution. If this is not possible, we can at least, after carefully examining our conscience, make an act of perfect contrition.
  • Since consecration to Mary is a form of renewal and extension of our baptismal promises, it may be helpful to retrieve some reminder of our baptism, such as a candle, garment, certificate, photo, etc. and display it prominently in our home.
  • We may begin to consider with whom we could share the idea of making a Marian consecration.

To Go Deeper

  • Read CCC 74-95.

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